15 examples of artificial intelligence in marketing

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Artificial intelligence can help us do better marketing, but be aware of privacy rules and other ethics! To help with your growth marketing, we assembled 15 examples of artificial intelligence in marketing in this article.

1. Automate repetitive tasks

As Cathy McPhillips of the Marketing AI Institute said on “Marketing, Demystified,” AI can automate some repetitive tasks. Over the years, every marketer has accumulated tasks that are just kind of stuck in a very manual process. We’ve likely all been there.

Take a look at what tasks you spend the most time on during the day and if there are AI solutions that can help you with those tasks.

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2. Data analysis

Analyzing data. Integration of AI in many systems is moving along at a rapid speed. But even if your data software doesn’t have integrated AI analysis, yet, you can export data and then post it into a tool like Claude AI and ask it specific questions about the data.

3. Personalization of messaging

Customizing messaging for each person based on signals from your CRM can increase the content’s performance. Cathy mentioned AI tools that can tailor content and messaging for each individual based on their data and behaviors.

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4. Email marketing testing

Testing AI-generated email subject lines against human-written ones. Cathy suggested writing one subject line and then having AI generate another to A/B test which one performs better.

“And then update next week’s email based on those results,” said Jim Lecinski, associate professor of marketing at Northwestern, on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

5. Optimization

Optimizing ad creative based on performance data is another way AI can help. Jenn mentioned tools that can iterate on ad creative and copy based on metrics like impressions, CTR, and conversions.

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6. Podcast production

Using AI to help produce podcasts and edit videos is now a thing. Cathy mentioned using AI tools like Descript and Opus Clips to help edit audio and video content for marketing without needing to be an expert editor. AI can help companies get the most out of their branded podcast.

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7. Generation social media posts

Generating social media posts. Cathy discussed prompting AI to create short social media posts around certain content. There are tools in the market that allow you to upload video or longer-form text and based on that content it creates shorter social media posts.

8. Proofreading

AI tools are taking proofreading to another level. Just like regular spell check, though, be sure to verify that suggestions are accurate.

9. Content analysis

AI can give us feedback on our content. For example, Andy Crestodina said he uploaded his content book into an AI tool and asked: “What is this book missing on the topic?” The software then gave him ideas on what could be added – some he agreed with and others he deemed unnecessary.

10. Brainstorming

AI can be a brainstorming partner. You can ask it to give you headline ideas, email subject line ideas and even ask for outlines for articles.

11. Content creation

I would be careful to use AI for full-fledged content creation, but it’s possible to feed source content into AI programs and then ask AI to create an article on that content. If you do this, be sure to edit and fact-check thoroughly.

12. Generation of images

AI can help us create images – and they are getting better. Just describe what the image should be and AI goes to work and creates something along those lines.

13. Automated transcription

You may have been in virtual meetings already where somebody’s transcription partner joins. I also use automated transcription for the Growgetter “Marketing, Demystified” podcast.

14. Voice content

With tools like Eleven Labs you can clown your voice and create podcast episodes and other audio content.

15. Video creation

Some tools now allow you to create marketing videos just by giving them a description of what the video should be about and what should happen in it.

So here are our top 15 examples of artificial intelligence in marketing. This list will likely evolve over time, and keep in mind that AI is far from perfect, so keep a keen eye on what it’s spitting out.

No matter what use cases fit your way of working, ensure to read the terms and conditions of all AI tools so you don’t accidentally upload private information when it won’t be kept private.

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