Meet our team

Meet our team of experts, ready to join forces with you to turn your marketing performance from a mystery into measurable success.
Kristin Luck
Founder & Managing Partner
Jenn Mancusi - Growgetter Co-founder and CEO
Jenn Mancusi
Co-Founder & CEO
Steven J. Landzberg - Growgetter CFO
Steven J. Landzberg
Felicia Coppola - Growgetter Account Director
Felicia Coppola
Account Director
Christoph Trappe - Growgetter Content Director
Christoph Trappe
Content Director
Jenn Mancusi - Growgetter Co-founder and CEO
Ken Clark
SEO & Digital Strategist
Growgetter was born out of the belief that marketing should be more than just guesswork and creative ideas.

Kristin Luck & Jenn Mancusi

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