Three main purposes of a website – a chat with Andy Crestodina


Every business website should have a purpose that goes beyond just existing. We can break that down into three primary purposes of a website and what it should do for a company. This episode of the “Marketing, Demystified” podcast discusses that topic.

After all, a good website drives business growth. From the right look, content, and set up to making conversions happen – it all works together.

In short, the role of a website can be broken down into three primary purposes of a website. Those include to:

  • drive awareness of the company to target buyers who don’t know about the website, yet
  • engage the target audience to stay connected
  • convert business

“Marketing, Demystified” Host Jennifer Mancusi (Vogel) and Andy Crestodina, co-founder at Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web design firm in Chicago, discussed that topic.

They cover:

  • What makes a good business website?
  • The right balance between look and functionality
  • What’s the role of content strategy?
  • The anatomy of an excellent call to action.

There are specific steps growth marketing teams and their stakeholders need to take to ensure that a company gets the most out of its website. it’s an ongoing process that includes strategy, implementation and measurements to see what specifically works.


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