Projecting your Presence: Building a Bold Performance Brand – a chat with Jesse Purewal

To grow your company, branding matters, but how do we ensure the brand gets built and maintained correctly to drive growth. In other words, what goes into building a performance brand?

To discuss the topic of performance branding, Jenn Mancusi is joined by Jesse Purewal, currently VP, Corporate Marketing & Brand at PagerDuty and previously Head of Brand at Qualtrics and Partner at Prophet.

On this episode, we discuss:

  1. Why is branding so critical for a company’s growth and how can it directly impact the bottom line?
  2. What are some common mistakes companies make when building their brand and brand strategy?
  3. What ongoing brand management strategies are important for maintaining brand integrity as a company scales?
  4. What are some early warning signs that your company brand may be veering off course from the core identity?
  5. How much flexibility can you have with a brand identity while still staying true to core values?
  6. How can you measure brand performance?

Why performance branding matters today?

In a world where many things are measurable, even branding needs to drive results. That’s why we discuss this topic on the podcast to find out what the role of good branding is to drive revenues and why it can’t be overlooked.

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Show notes

Brand is the sum of all customer experiences and perceptions of your company. It’s not just your logo or tagline. Brand tells the story of your shared interests with customers – the problems you solve for them. This leads directly to revenue growth. Brand creates consistency across all customer touchpoints and experiences.

Common branding mistakes

Not leading with customer needs and pains. Focusing too much on product features instead.

Not doing enough customer research to stay “relentlessly relevant” as needs change.

Over-rotating on company messaging vs shared interests with customers.

Tips for scaling brand as your company grows

Stay curious about changing customer needs through research. Get broad internal teams exposure to customer conversations.

Tell the story of how your brand has evolved over time. Make all employees ambassadors of the brand purpose.

Anchor back to your core brand purpose as you express it in new ways.

Measuring brand performance

Metrics like awareness, engagement, share of voice, web traffic driven by brand campaigns, etc.

Ultimately brand drives willingness to buy – customer peace of mind in choosing you.

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